From the title (“Lesson of Geography”) to the way it starts, the whole article that came out on August 8 in Time Out Magazine appeals to the originality and the senses of the readers.

In this classroom you will learn to speak Portuguese with a knife and fork. We were to meet the new restaurant of national fusion cuisine Geographia. All together: “Já fui ao Brasil/ Praia e Bissau/ Angola Moçambique/ Goa e Macau/ Ai, fui até Timor…” Inescapable to chant the eternal song “O Conquistador” in the new Geographia, but here were not the Da Vinci [music band] to conquer. Ruben Obadia, Miguel Júdice and Lucyna Szymanska do not sing, but they did a great deal of research on Portuguese-speaking cuisine to open this restaurant in front of the National Museum of Ancient Art.

“Warm Timorese Salad” – Photo of Manuel Manso

In this Time Out article, the journalist Inês Garcia can reflect in a fun and original way the soul and essence of Geographia. Those who read this article will certainly know a little about the history and origin of this project, as well as a great desire to know the space and taste the delicious snacks from the various places that “speak Portuguese”.

“Moamba Fish” – Photo of Manuel Manso

Time Out is a reference in terms of events, cultural agenda, restaurants and activities taking place in Lisbon, so it is an honor for us to have an article about Geographia in this magazine.

“Seven layer dessert ‘Bebinca’ with vanilla ice cream” – Photo of Manuel Manso

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