About Geographia

GEOGRAPHIA pays tribute to the richness of Portuguese gastronomy, namely its global character. In fact, Portuguese cuisine was one of the first fusion cuisines, a product of the influences that the Portuguese brought from the “worlds”

Discover Our Story

The rhinoceros we chose as our image symbolizes the crossroads of Portuguese-speaking cultures that inspire GEOGRAPHIA. It’s a drawing by Albrecht Dürer of the animal (called Ulysses) which was given by an Indian sultan to King Dom Manuel I, which arrived in Lisbon in 1515.

Discover the Menu

At GEOGRAPHIA you can taste traditional Portuguese dishes, but also others from countries with the same language as us. It’s “Food that speaks Portuguese”.

Geographia’s News

In our blog you will have access to all our news. You can also learn more about the history, culture and gastronomy of the countries that express Portuguese-speaking flavors in their cuisine.