The Universal Language that leads us to travel through many cuisines of the world

The journalist Rosário Mello e Castro visited our restaurant and describes it as “the new restaurant in the city that wants to put the Cardinal points in Portuguese cuisine and bring to the table its links to different countries, cultures and peoples.” The article was published in Visão last September 3 and we are very honored by her words.

According to partners of the restaurant, the whole concept was planned to build a connection between several countries with Portuguese influences: “We thought about the places where the Portuguese passed and, from there, we imagined how these flavors could be worked together.”

The journalist classifies us as a restaurant that “is not for nostalgia, but an open-minded kitchen”, willing to change and reinterpreting traditional recipes and dishes. For this reason, this is a space that “can be here, in Lisbon, as in other cities”, says Rúben Obadia, former journalist and one of the partners of the restaurant (along with Miguel Júdice, businessman, and Polish Lucyna Szymanska, linked to the fashion market).

In this article the journalist refers some of our delicious dishes that make up our menu and make everyone starving for taste, for example: fritters from the four continents (€6), Timorese warm salad with chicken, orange and sweet potato, (€7), fish soup with garam masala mayonnaise (€7), vegetarian cachupa (€12) or Macau’s fat rice (€14).
May this article whet your appetite and to wake up the curiosity that you need to visit us at Rua do Conde, in the Bairro de Santos, Lisbon.

Photos of Manuel Gomes da Costa

See the full article (in Portuguese) here